Ladies' Code
Will always be five
Your hidden tears left someoptions
In case you didn't see me, I saw you
I knew that this time, I'm late
But today, I only waited for you

When I called you, I look like a fool
But one day you'd be looking at me too
Your tears, I long & wait for it
just another day passed by

That day I cried,
Its goodbye forever in order to be happy
Sometimes I laugh at something
I'm fine thank you
thank you

Just as no one is looking
You may forget all about me
I think of that sometimes
But, Don't worry

I tried to hard whenever I wanted to see you
Winds blew into me
Sometimes I sing my name while on the hill
Let me rests and hold you

I'm fine thank you Thank you
I'm fine thank you Thank you
I'm fine thank you Thank you
I'm fine thank you Thank you
Hear everyone's prayer. Take our strength, our hearts, every single piece of us, use them, take our soul and our hands,simply don't dare to leave us alone. Hold our hands strong, as strong as you can, even more, never leave even when you live in our souls. Our hearts hurt, but I can be healthed with you, your voice, your single breath. You will come and become the cure to all of our pain, how you did.
kwon ri sae
910816 - 140907
You will finally rise. It's a sure thing that you tried, no one will blame you never. Pain will go, but your memory will remain in our hearts permanently, forever. Again, we are not saying goodbye to a star, she is now turning into the star, going to heaven. Please, be happy wherever you go, you will reach your goals, we swear it. We were always proud of what and how you were, we are sure you are going to be just as good as you have been. Wherever you are, stay strong, stay happy, be happy in order to make us happy, as you wanted, Lavelies will carry now your life, and your dreams, in their hearts there will be an special place for you. Remember to Rise the sun each day for us. Thank you. Rest in Peace.
go eun bi
921123 - 140903
Tragedy hits once. It hurts, it hurts more than nothing and leaves an unremoveable scar. But, what actually cannot be removed, nor forgot are the memories everyone keeps from you. A kind, good, talented and unforgettable girl has gone physically, but her memory and soul will remain in every single Lavely, every single person that once loved her. We don't say goodbye, she does not so. We'll keep alive Go Eun Bi, and she'll keep us with our light on, the light she has turned on. Angels sometimes come to earth, now, one has returned to its place, but she'll never leave us alone, no one of who belived in her. Your dream came true, and by you, many will so. It's not goodbye, but stay with us what we say to Eun Bi. Rest in Peace.
Ladies' Code
I'm Fine, Thank You
Rest In Peace & Sing in Heaven